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The web's favorite source for cat information and cat supplies and all things cat related.

You will find different topics related to your feline friends right here. Whether or not you have been owned by a cat for a long time, or if you are exploring giving up all pretense of control to the kitty for the first time, there is something for everyone!

  • Food: Information and thoughts on cat food or diet, including dry food, wet food and fresh favorites! New products are always coming on the market, so stop here to explore some of the links.

  • Litter: A guide to the issues involved in the selection of cat litter, litter boxes, and related products. This is a huge issue, as evidenced by the many types of (constantly evolving) litter products on the market. Your choices will depend on the issues connected with your particular household.

  • Kitten: A kitten is a bundle of joy and a bundle of energy too! There are many things that can be done to kitten-proof your home, or to prepare for the advent of Kitty.

  • Toys: Ideas for simple as well as links to more sophisticated toys for your cat. Play-time is very important, not only to diffuse the energy of the young cat, but also for bonding between the cat and its provider and pet (you). Stop here to see a charming little movie of a cat enjoying a wonderful cat toy.

  • training: Can you or can’t you?!

  • Health: Thoughts on vaccinations for cats, links to additional reading on cat health, and issues that will come up in connection with health care for the cat.

  • Declaw: Yes, the big question! “Should I declaw my cat?”

  • Links: Let your mouse do the walking (before your cat gets to it)!

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