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Cat Health

First and foremost, make sure to establish a good relationship with a vet, who will then monitor all aspects of your petís care, and hold the medical records, giving advice and helping you with cat care when it is needed.

Here are the health issues related to your cat:
  • Neutering (animal shelters will do that before you take the cat home for a very minimal charge).

  • Vaccinations: there are different views regarding vaccinations for cats. For more information and different points of view, consult the following:

  • Teeth-cleaning: a thorough one involves putting the cat under.

  • See section on your decision about declawing or not.

      As the cat ages, different problems do crop up. A cat can become blind quite suddenly, with retina displacement. It is not the end of the world, as animals are amazingly resilient, and learn to adjust, as long as you donít have a penchant for moving furniture around! Older cats can also become diabetic, with kidney issues. Warning signs are the need to urinate a lot plus constant thirst. Sometimes, many things can go wrong with the cat Ė like any living creature, a cat can have cancer and other debilitating illnesses. It is up to you and the vet to evaluate the quality of your petís life. Many things can still be done from daily injections, to hydration under the skin, plus giving the cat regular medication. With proper care, your cat can be your pal for a very long time!

      A good investment would be some cat nail-clippers. You can actually trim the nails of the cat, but be careful not to cut them too short Ė your cat will not love you, and will let out an ear-splitting yowl!

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